Rock Balancing

Mark Powell Rock BalancingMark’s unique rock sculptures are hand built using only gravity to support them, there are no glues, rods, bolts or supports holding them together. He seeks to build his sculptures in beautiful natural landscape environments and uses only local stones. The rock sculptures are finely balanced, very fragile and temporary. The final step of artistic creation is the beautiful photography of the sculptures and natural surroundings. A step beyond the traditional landscape images, Mark draws you in, provokes your imagination and challenges you to ask, “how is that possible?”

Family of Five v2-88 tom.jpg20 lbs on a pebble-0650.jpgWest Fork Four-0496 tom 2-Edit.jpgedited full size-0809.jpgWedge-0913.jpgMarshall Lake-8140049.jpgWest Fork Black Top-0202 tom.jpg