I have the good fortune of playing pickleball 4-5 days a week, in a variety of venues, from open play, to lessons, to tournaments. Without question, the number one problem I see with beginner to intermediate players is that their shots arrive to their opponents too high.

When I say, "too high", what I mean is this - any time a ball that you hit arrives to your opponent at their knees or above (in the air, before a bounce) it is "attack-able". Simply put, your opponents can be aggressive with their return shot.

Once your opponents get to the kitchen line, flat or ascending shots across the net set-up an attack. The advantage goes to your opponent, who is responding and can hit the ball hard toward your feet, your body, or an open spot on the court. Control of the point is lost and your chances of winning are less than 50%. Again, any ball that arrives to your opponent at their knees, or higher, is attack-able.

So, what to do? This is where pickleball strategy becomes...