Improve Your Pickleball Defense - 1 Hour

Anyone who has played pickleball more than a few times has faced an opponent, or team, that slams the ball repeatedly low over the net. We affectionately call them 'bangers' and they win plenty of games, until they meet a team that knows how to diffuse the power, neutralize the attack and play better defense.

In this lesson I will teach you the techniques to respond to those hard shots, then we will use a ball machine to fire hundreds of hard shots at you while you block and drop them. Repetition is the key to success! Improve Your Pickleball Defense lessons are scheduled by appointment, please contact me. Private lesson $45, 2-4 students $35 each.

Students should be advanced beginner, or intermediate pickleball players. If you are new to pickleball, please try the 2 Hour Introduction to Pickleball class, or the 4 Sessions Introduction to Pickleball first.