Tennis Transition to Pickleball - 2 Hours

In pickleball, flat shots across the net, tennis style, set-up an attack from intermediate-advanced opponents, accelerating hard volley shots ensue with the advantage going to your opponent, who is responding. Control of the point is lost and your chances of winning are less than 50%.

This is a classic problem for the tennis player who is transitioning to pickleball. In this class we will show experienced tennis players how to avoid the attack, get to the kitchen and neutralize their opponents and win more points.

Students should have some pickleball experience and understand the basics of the game. If you are brand new to pickleball, please try the 2 Hour Introduction to Pickleball class first.

Tennis Transition to Pickleball lessons are scheduled by appointment, please contact me. Private lesson $75, 2-4 students $50 each, 5-8 students $40 each