Vintage Volkswagen Buses

My interest in cars and Volkswagen's started in the 1970's, when our family had a 1973 Super Beetle with a personalized license plate that said SKI BUG, we drove it from Boise to Bogus Basin ski area all the time. I got my first driving lessons, spinning donuts in the snow, with my Dad in that car. A few years later I had a tricked out Beetle with fiberglass flared fenders and custom paint. Then in the 1980's I had a part time business selling Volkswagen related collectibles and toys via mail order and at swap meets around the Northwest. My passion for cars evolved to racing and over the years I owned and raced a handful of Porsche 356's and 911's. I even owned a 1952 VW barn door camper for awhile. After 17 years of going to the track, I hung up the racing suit and sold the race cars. The car passion is still here and I've gone full circle back to Volkswagen's and specifically pre 1968 buses, campers and trucks. It helps that my wife's first car was a 1966 Beetle that her father restored for her.

If you know of a sad, neglected or abandoned early Volkswagen bus please contact me. I buy pre 1968 VW buses, trucks and campers.

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My families connection to Volkswagen's dates back to 1957 when my Mom and Dad owned a 1956 oval window Beetle. In the mid 1970's, I learned to drive in our 1973 Super Beetle and since then I've owned many VW's. My wife Heather's first car was a 1965 Beetle that her Father restored for her.


Jarvis is a 1965 Sundial camper that was found as a worn out old bus in Colorado, but with a very dry and straight body. He was restored by Jason McCoy in Arizona. We drive Jarvis around the Phoenix area regularly.


Scotty is a 1967 21 Window Deluxe that I found stored in a garage in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was restored in 2000 by a father and son team in Utah and then sold to help pay for the son's college expenses. Scotty was sold again and ended up in Arizona where he was enjoyed by a family for a few...


Pearl is a 1969 Bay Window bus that was restored by VDub Classics in Ventura, California. She is a walk thru model with a weekender package - the rear seats folds down to make a bed and she has a rear facing seat behind the drivers seat. Pearl is my California surf and beach car.


I'm always looking for pre 1968 Volkswagen buses, any condition. Please contact me if you have a vintage Volkswagen bus you would like to sell.