Family Volkswagens

My families connection to Volkswagen's dates back to 1957 when my Mom and Dad owned a 1956 oval window Beetle. In the mid 1970's, I learned to drive in our 1973 Super Beetle and since then I've owned many VW's. My wife Heather's first car was a 1965 Beetle that her Father restored for her.

1956 VW Beetle.jpg

My Mom sitting in my parents 1956 oval window Beetle in 1957

195807 Best Friends Deanna and Mary Spring.jpg

My Mom and her best friend next to my parents 1956 oval window Beetle

195808 New 1958 Bug.jpg

My Mom and Dad's brand new 1958 Beetle

20190219-heathers before-2.jpg

My wife Heather's 1965(?) Beetle prior to her father restoring it

20190219-heathers after.jpg

Heather's Beetle and her first car, after restoration

untitled001 copy 2.jpg

My first beetle in 1976. I added the fiberglass flared fenders prior to a repaint.

untitled001 copy 3.jpg

My first Beetle after the repaint.

untitled001 copy 5.jpg

A friend and I partnered on this buggy when we were 17 years old. That's me with the ugly beard and my Grandpa Charlie checking it out in the background.


Das VW Werks - my Volkswagen toy and literature business, circa 1985

untitled001 copy 6.jpg

Another 19080's swap meet at Pete Lovely's Volkswagen in Washington


My 1967 Beetle when I was racing Laser sailboats in Seattle in the early 1990's

untitled001 copy 7.jpg

My first bus. If I remember right it was a 1959 palm green/sand green, pressed bumper, Westfalia camper